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Asphalt Sealcoating   | Woodford Seal Coat

Many homes and businesses choose asphalt over concrete paving due to cost. But asphalt’s cost advantages disappear if the...

Asphalt Crack Fill   | Woodford Seal Coat

One of the most important ways to prolong the life of asphalt is with asphalt crack fill. At Woodford Seal Coat, hot crack fill...

Asphalt Striping   | Woodford Seal Coat

Woodford Seal Coat provides a full range of asphalt striping. We have completed striping jobs throughout the Versailles, KY area...

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Repairs and Maintenance

Asphalt pavement has steadily increased in popularity for a number of good reasons. It has numerous advantages over concrete: asphalt is cheaper, more easily repaired and recyclable. Nevertheless, as with any other surface exposed to the elements, asphalt paving requires maintenance. Whether your asphalt surface needs repair or just preventative maintenance, the services of an experienced professional can best extend the useful life of your pavement.

Woodford Seal Coat is a leading provider of professional asphalt maintenance services. We have helped countless residential and commercial clients in the Versailles, KY area beautify and extend the life of their asphalt paving. We also offer a full range of asphalt striping. We are an insured and licensed operation with a focus on client satisfaction.

While asphalt remains a cost-effective paving choice, it has nevertheless increased sharply in price in recent years. With replacement costs on the rise, proper maintenance of your existing asphalt surfaces is more important than ever. Most people take their paved surfaces for granted and usually think the surface is in better shape than it is, and notice problems only after significant deterioration has occurred.

Woodford Seal Coat offers asphalt maintenance services that will extend the life of your pavement. Our professional sealcoating improves the appearance of your pavement and provides a barrier against the elements that greatly extends asphalt life. We prevent small pavement problems from turning into bigger ones with hot crack fill applications. Our use of top-grade products combined with professional application, produces results that are next to impossible to achieve for the do-it-yourselfer.

We are an experienced asphalt striper and handle everything from road striping to parking lot striping. Let us help you enhance the appearance of your business with a freshly lined parking lot that improves safety and traffic flow.

Woodford Seal Coat is the name to remember for full-service asphalt maintenance in the Versailles, KY area. If you have asphalt pavement, we can extend its life and enhance its appearance. Call us today!