Asphalt Crack Fill

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Asphalt Crack Fill - Effective & Essential

Asphalt Crack Fill   | Woodford Seal Coat - Versailles, Ky

One of the most important ways to prolong the life of asphalt is with asphalt crack fill. At Woodford Seal Coat, hot crack fill is one of the tools of the trade in our efforts to preserve your asphalt paving.

Our asphalt crack fill is a rubberized sealant that is heated until it turns to liquid. This hot rubber crack fill is poured into any visible cracks that are one-eighth of an inch wide or larger. Asphalt sealcoating adequately fills and seals cracks larger than one-eighth inch.

The hot liquid sealant fills the crack and any excess is smoothed so that it creates a tight bond with the pavement surface after cooling. The cooled sealant prevents any further damage from water penetration, including the serious damage that can occur during the freezing and thawing cycle in winter. The top-quality asphalt crack fill we use resists splitting, and remains pliable even in extreme temperatures. It provides a long-term repair solution to asphalt cracks.

While asphalt crack fill is a stand-alone repair procedure in its own right, it is also a vital part of our surface preparation for sealcoating. As part of our focus on quality, we make certain any sealcoating job begins with a sound asphalt surface. Effective asphalt crack fill is essential in providing the proper foundation for our sealcoating jobs.

In the Versailles, KY area, we know you have options for asphalt maintenance service. At Woodford Seal Coat, we strive to set ourselves apart by our quality work, and that starts with quality asphalt crack fill. Contact us!